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Cool Comfort with ArmorGuard Exteriors and Sunesta Awnings

When you’re thinking of a way to improve the aesthetic and functional aspects of your home, adding a retractable awning to your outdoor space can be a great option.

After all, retractable awnings come in varying types, styles, and brands, and it can be overwhelming to choose which one best suits your needs. Fortunately, ArmorGuard Exteriors of North Florida carries Sunesta retractable awnings!

Sunesta stands out as the brand of choice for homeowners looking for high-quality, reliable, and technologically-advanced retractable awnings. Let’s dive in.

Quality Craftsmanship With Customizability

Sunesta prides itself on offering personalized solutions for different homeowners, which is why they offer a range of models and customization options to suit varying needs.

From the size and shape of the awning to the outdoor fabrics, colors, and additional features, Sunesta ensures that homeowners have their preferences taken into consideration and incorporated into the design.

Specifically, you have your choice of…

  • 130 awning fabrics
  • Four frame styles
  • Sizes in widths of up to 40 feet and projections of up to 14’ 8”
  • And more!

Dispel Doubts With Durability

The materials used in designing Sunesta retractable awnings are of the highest quality, making them sturdy, resistant to environmental elements, and long-lasting. The awnings are made from strong aluminum frames and rust-resistant fittings, which can handle the wear and tear of daily weather conditions and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Moreover, the wide variety of fabric options are also durable and resistant to fading, mold, and mildew, ensuring that your outdoor space remains looking beautiful and functional for an extended period.

Assurance With Automated Technology

One of the standout features of Sunesta retractable awnings is the technological advancements incorporated into their designs. Sunesta offers motorized awning options that can be synchronized with remote control devices or home automation systems, thereby allowing you to deploy your awning at the mere touch of a button.

Additionally, you have the ability to equip other types of Smart Technology, including wind sensors, sun sensors, LED lighting options, and more!

Specifically, Sunesta’s smart sensors detect harsh weather such as storms, heavy rainfall, or strong winds, and automatically retract the awning to prevent damage.

When all is said and done, if you’re a homeowner looking for a retractable awning, Sunesta is the perfect brand to choose. Sunesta retractable awning technology stands out from the rest thanks to its customizability, durability, automated technology, and more!

So, are you ready to enhance your home with the revolutionary replacement windows it deserves?

If so, reach out to ArmorGuard Exteriors today by calling (904) 822-8450! We’re a family-owned and operated business that has been providing five-star service to homeowners for over 40 years.

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