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Hurricane Screens

Maintain your views of the outside world while providing impressive wind protection for your home.

Jacksonville Hurricane Screens Company

It’s no fun having to hang plywood on your windows every time it storms. Plus, plywood sheets just aren’t feasible for protecting your patios and porches! ArmorGuard Exteriors offers homeowners another home hurricane protection option. We have sleek, unobtrusive, yet strong hurricane screens.

Our motorized screens can be installed over windows and patios to provide an extra layer of protection. You’ll be able to keep your home from being impacted by flying debris and stop your outdoor furniture from disappearing too.

Hurricane Screens Offer Protection While Allowing Some Visibility

Protecting your home against high winds is a cinch with our hurricane screens. These retractable screens are made with premium materials that can help keep your patios, windows, and doors safe and intact. In fact, our hurricane screens are made with the same material that’s used to make ballistics body armor. They will stand up to tree limbs, patio furniture, and anything else the wind throws at your Jacksonville area home.

Make us your hurricane screen company to enjoy some of these additional features and benefits with our products:

When you choose ArmorGuard Exteriors, know that you will be getting high-end hurricane protection in Jacksonville. We don’t use subcontractors on any job. All work is completed by trained and certified hurricane screen installers. If you are interested, we can also help you with other wind- and impact-resistant options, like custom-made hurricane panel installation.

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