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Solar Shades: Enjoying the Florida Sun Minus the Heat

In Jacksonville, everybody loves the sun—but not the heat. Without any solar shade, relaxing on your patio may be the opposite of relaxing because of the heat, glare, high winds, or even insects.

As northeastern Florida’s trusted source of high-quality retractable screens, ArmorGuard Exteriors wants to shed light on installing solar shades. Considering the inconveniences of nature outside your home, our products can change the way you enjoy the wonderful weather all year round:

Keeping Your Outdoors Cool and Comfortable

A high-quality screen blocks the sun’s undesirable infrared radiation, which causes your patio to get hot to the point of being unbearable. If you let the heat ruin your otherwise fun brunch or afternoon chitchat, the beauty of your outdoor living space in broad daylight could go to waste.

Only with exterior solar shades can you bask in the sun at any time of the day—even at its most intense. They also keep bugs and pests at bay and increase your level of privacy.

In addition, they serve as an extra layer of defense to prevent excessive amounts of sunlight from entering your home, naturally keeping your interiors cool and cozy.

Protecting You Against Sun Damage

Retractable solar screens allow you to enjoy all sunshine and virtually no ultraviolet radiation. UV rays are harmful to your skin and can account for the quick fading of your furniture. Without any form of shade to keep your distance from the bad side of Mother Nature, your curb appeal can decrease faster than you think.

Staying Tough For Years to Come

Constant exposure to the extreme Florida sun can chop years off of ordinary screen materials; but that’s not the case with us. At ArmorGuard Exteriors, we only use specially made fabrics for our solar shades to last for up to 10 years. Our screens minimize the entry of wind and the sun to lend the comfort of your interiors to your porch, patio, or deck for a solid decade.

Explore our website to learn more about our exterior retractable shades. To talk about the design of your solar screen, call ArmorGuard Exteriors now at (904) 559-3230.

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