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Refreshing Ways to Protect Your Outdoor Areas

Looking at the outdoors can be a relaxing way to pass the time. However, it’s more fun enjoying it under the shade of a deck canopy. These shades can make you feel comfortable even when you’re outside. They can also protect your decks and patios from sun exposure and damage. Here are ways you can dress them up, making them look nicer.

Indoor Umbrellas

If you want to enhance your patio, what better way to dress it up than placing a large umbrella overhead? It’s an affordable setup; all you need is the umbrella. You can place this on one side, beside deck chairs, or in the middle of a patio table.

Tarp the Ceiling

With a pergola or a slatted ceiling, you can place a tarp overhead. This becomes a quick and easy deck canopy, which can create a rustic and simplistic ambiance.

Fabric Protection

Aside from a tarp, you can also use fabrics for your overhead protection. Having a fabric canopy can make your home look warm and inviting. Make sure to use fade-resistant materials, so that the look is preserved for years.

Vines and Hanging Plants

Adding plants to your patio and pergola can turn your home into a lively, rustic space. The growing plant life will add shade to your deck awnings. It also has the bonus of looking like it came straight out of a Renaissance painting. Make sure you position them right to get more shade.

Fabric Awning

Speaking of awnings, you can also enjoy creating an awning with fabric material. Like the canopy, the fabric awning has a softer look. It can make your patio more relaxing and inviting.

Adding Pull-Down Screens

Setting up an ordinary hurricane shutter is important, but not always practically sound. You can block more light unintentionally, which can ruin the view inside and outside. That’s why we offer a pull-down, retractable variant. This way, you can modify the shade for different seasons and weather. Talk to us about a more practical hurricane shutter installation.

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