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Tips to Turn Your Patio Into a Beautiful Living Space

The patio has a lot of potential that is often underutilized. For example, you can use the patio to entertain guests, cook, enjoy an outdoor dinner, or have a place to simply relax. To get the most use out of your patio, it needs to have certain elements. The right decorations can transform your patio into an inviting and beautiful living space. ArmorGuard Exteriors, a patio shade expert, explains more:

Ensure a Smooth Transition

Mixing indoor and outdoor materials in your patio will make it feel more connected with the rest of your house. Moving from the inside to your patio won’t feel like a huge shift if you use a balanced combination of natural materials like wood and rattan together with glass, concrete, or metal. The key is to ensure a smooth transition between the interior decorations of your home and your landscaping. The patio is where these two beautiful spaces meet.

Use Retractable Screens

You can make your patio feel more welcoming and relaxing by turning it into another room in your house. As a retractable porch screens and patio screens expert, ArmorGuard Exteriors strongly recommends installing our retractable screens in your patio. Our products can make your patio feel like another room in your house. Our screens will create a beautiful semi-enclosed space that’s comfortable and protected from the sun. We offer several fabric options for different solar and wind control needs.

Make Your Patio Feel Luxurious

Your goal is to make your patio feel as luxurious and comfortable as your indoor spaces. For instance, consider bringing a rug outdoors and using outdoor furniture that matches the furniture of your interior. Follow your own style and add personal touches as well. Pick and choose different fabrics and furniture in the same way that you would decorate your interior. Finally, install a good lighting system so you can enjoy your patio at night.

Our retractable patio screens will make your patio more comfortable and usable. They can block the harsh heat and glare of the sun and allow you to enjoy your patio, no matter the time of day. ArmorGuard Exteriors is an established local company that manufactures our own products using high-quality materials right here in Jacksonville. Call us at (904) 872-1712 to learn more about our services and products or to get a free estimate.

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