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The Homeowner’s Guide to Solar Shades – Part 2: Choosing the Right Solar Shades For Your Home

There’s an extensive selection of solar shades available in today’s market, but they all differ in terms of features and quality. To maximize the returns on your investment, make sure to choose carefully and get the right ones for your home. You can do this by sticking to the basics, such as:

Part 2: Choosing the Right Shades For Your Home

  1. Considering the type of fabric they use. Take the “openness factor” of the material into account. This is related to how tightly woven the fabric is — looser weaves have a higher openness value. This means they can offer better visibility through the fabric while also allowing more light to pass. The tighter the weave, the lower the openness value — so your solar shades will block more light but also provide less of a view. Some exterior home improvement companies, for example, offer solar shades in acrylic fabric with 1% openness, which creates a similar feeling to an interior space and improves privacy.
  2. Pick the right color. Solar shades are available in wide range of colors and patterns. With the right choice, you can easily enhance your home’s overall appearance. Aside from increasing curb appeal, the right color can make a huge difference to your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. A lighter color, like cream or white, will be as sheer as light drapes and help reflect light, allowing for a brighter and cooler outdoor space. A darker color, such as black or chocolate brown, can help reduce glare and offer better privacy. The downside to a darker shade, however, is that it will absorb heat.
  3. Motorized. Investing in solar shades means you can operate remotely. A motorized system can provide a cleaner, sleeker appearance because there aren’t cords or chains hanging down. Motorized retractable solar shades are also easier and more convenient to use. Additionally, they are child-safe, eliminating the strangulation hazards created by cords and chains.
  4. Work only with a reliable solar shade expert. To prevent frequent repairs or failure, make sure to hire a trusted contractor to install your solar shades. Proper installation can affect performance and longevity. Get local referrals from family and friends, and follow up with solid research. Check that your contractor has the necessary licenses and insurance to help protect you and your investment. Work only with an experienced installer to prevent costly mistakes. In addition, check the warranty coverage included with the solar shades on offer.

In the third and final installment of our three-part blog, we discuss how you can make your solar shades last longer.

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