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The Advantages of Solar Shades

As summer intensifies, the need for better exterior solar shades has never been greater. Made from heat-resistant materials like polyester, solar shades are woven together to provide durable protection from excessive sunshine.

Solar shades, however, provide more than just covered protection. They also have other advantages. ArmorGuard Exteriors lists some of these advantages.

UV Protection

While having unwanted glare can be irritating, the real risk of excessive and direct sunlight entering your home is damage to your home’s furniture. This is because of the sun’s ultraviolet or UV radiation, which can fade color. Solar shades block most of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, keeping your interior design intact and pristine.

Less Dependence on Air Conditioning

Apart from fading your furniture, sunshine can also raise your home’s temperature. This forces you to depend more on your cooling unit to keep your home comfortable. By having solar screens on your patio, you can reduce your dependence on air conditioning because they shade your property from the heat of the sun.

Stylish Design Options

These accessories should never look boring, especially during summer. Choose from our different assortment of colors and designs to customize your solar shade to your liking. Compared to other products, solar shades are easier to personalize, making it a good option to invest in this summer. We can help you find the right combination to match your home.

Protect your home against strong sunlight and harmful UV rays by installing Sunesta® retractable awnings and retractable screens by ArmorGuard Exteriors. Our family-oriented awnings and retractable screens give ample shade so you can better enjoy your outdoors. Call us for more details (904) 872-1712 .

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