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The Advantages of Choosing Retractable Awnings

There are many fun activities that you can do outside to stay burrowed inside your home. If you find the sun’s heat and glare too stifling, retractable awnings can help. They are structures that provide shade and let you enjoy the outside scenery and fresh air.

Among the top deck canopy options, retractable awnings offer the most number of benefits. ArmorGuard Exteriors™ explains why investing in them gives the best value for your money.

Maximum Cost-Effectiveness

Usually, the main reason for installing these items is for the added shade. They make the outdoor living space more comfortable and help reduce cooling costs. Fortunately, they also deliver long-term performance that can lead to significant energy savings.

Superior Protection

Not only are deck awnings perfect for sun protection; they can also keep you safe and dry during rain showers and storms. Our remote-controlled retractable awnings can effectively block damaging UV rays that irritate the skin and cause indoor and outdoor furniture to fade. As the sun has a bleaching effect, providing shade to certain areas of your home is ideal to shield the furnishings.

Reliable Longevity

It is hard to rely on non-retractable awnings, as they are highly susceptible to damage during harsh Florida weather. For a quality option that promises longevity, choose our SunShade retractable awning. During a storm, you can easily retract it with a single switch to keep it stable and intact. While non-retractable options may be cheaper, they can easily tear when exposed to strong winds. They also fade much sooner.

Attractive Designs

Our retractable awnings come in an array of fabric patterns and colors. This wide selection makes it easier to find the right blend with your current outdoor theme. Their mechanical components are hidden, so you can enjoy a sleek and flawless design. Additionally, they use a powerful coating to protect the frames from damaging weather.

Turn to ArmorGuard Exteriors for the installation of this reliable deck cover. With it, you are sure to enjoy activities at the comforts of your outside space. Call us at (904) 559-3230 for more information.

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