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Solar Screens and Shades: Many Ways They Help You Save Money

At ArmorGuard Exteriors, the ultimate goals of our exterior shading and insect-screening products are to make your outdoor spaces more comfortable and help reduce your energy costs. As a one-time investment, installing our retractable awnings and screens pay for themselves with the savings you generate month after month.

How exactly do our exterior solar shades and screens lower your household expenses? There are two simple ways:

Reduce Cooling Costs

Our products minimize the amount of solar radiation that enters your home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, awnings can help reduce solar heat gain by up to 65% and 77% on south- and west-facing windows, respectively, in the summer.

Our retractable awnings protect your home against the scorching Florida and Georgia sun. They effectively block the sun’s infrared rays that naturally overheat your home and ensure a cooler interior for your household. This means your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature you want, contributing significantly to energy saving efforts.

Protect Your Furniture

The sun’s ultraviolet rays can cause serious damage to your furniture over time, especially those on your patio. By protecting them with retractable screens from ArmorGuard Exteriors, you get to make the most of your furniture and consequently save on money you would’ve spent repairing or replacing them due to UV damage.

We Help You Manage Your Project Costs

ArmorGuard Exteriors helps make your home improvement payments more manageable. We offer financing options that let you pay for the installation of your screens and shades in several installments. If you qualify, you can break your payments into installments up to 18 months. There’s also a minimum amount you only have to cover every month.

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