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Shades and Screens: Sun-Proofing Outdoor Spaces in Style

The real beauty of your patio, deck, or porch lies in its utility. But how can you enjoy its usefulness if you can’t bear the heat during the day and only enjoy the coziness of the outdoors when the sun has set?

As the authority in everything retractable patio screens and shades, ArmorGuard Exteriors wants to share some smart ways to protect your outdoor living spaces against the elements – with style. Draw inspirations from these ideas to improve the feel and look of your outdoor space:

Shade It According to Existing Shades

After understanding the sun-blocking and mechanical features of the awning, choose a color and pattern that matches your current exterior design. However, there’s no straight answer to this because it depends on the visual effect you’re looking for.

If you want to put emphasis on your outdoor space, use the same accent color that you used for your entry. If your exterior design is predominantly neutral, choose a bold or bright shade for the deck, porch, or patio shade to add a punch of color.

If you already have a lot of geometry going on your architecture, pick a solid fabric. If you lack angled rooflines and other attention-grabbing exterior elements, pick a patterned awning; straight-lined canopies are perfect for traditional homes, while notched-edge or scalloped designs work better with contemporary houses. The size of the pattern should be relative to your size of your awning and your home.

Screen It Against Unwanted Guests

If you’re constantly worried about insects and nesting animals, then installing retractable porch screens can be another barrier to keep them out. Solar screens have varying openness, which determines the amount of sunlight and air that breezes into your space.

If you want to protect yourself against bugs, as well as strong winds and harmful UV rays without sacrificing your complete view of the surroundings, 10% or 5% openness is a sound choice.

Envelop to Raise Privacy Outdoors

A solar screen with 1% openness is the ultimate way to lend an indoor atmosphere to your porch, deck, or patio during daytime. As the screen’s openness shrinks, its level of privacy increases. It’s like turning your outdoor space into a sunroom without the fixed walls and costly building expenses. Since solar screens are retractable, you can decide to enclose your al fresco area whenever you please.

Discover more great ideas to dress up your outdoor space with a retractable shade or solar screen. Call ArmorGuard Exteriors now at (904) 559-3230, and let’s talk about your project.

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