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Seamless Gutters vs. Regular Gutters

Gutters are rarely a take-notice architectural feature of a home—at least, not in a good way. When they start to sag, corrode, leak, or dangle off the eaves of your roof, you (and your neighbors) will likely find their appearance hard to ignore. So then you start researching your replacement options and immediately run into a choice: seamless or regular gutters. And you wonder about the advantages of seamless gutters versus regular, or sectional, gutters. Here are a few of them to think about:

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the biggest reasons why so many homeowners replace their traditional gutters with seamless ones is for looks. Seamless gutters are custom sized so that they stretch from one corner of a roof to the next without seams, or the joints that are needed to connect multiple pre-cut pieces together to form a long, continuous trough. Custom sizing results in seamless gutters that sport a sleek, tailored appearance and blend more naturally with the roof’s edge.

However, it’s important to remember that a gutter system is a critical component of your home’s armor against the forces of nature. So even though seamless gutters can boost your home’s curb appeal more significantly than gutters that are pieced together from segments, you won’t want to overlook the superior performance you can expect from seamless gutters versus regular gutters.

Enhanced Strength & Reliability

When you look at old-style, sectional gutter systems that are sagging or leaking, there’s a good chance that the breakdown is occurring at the seams. These are the weakest areas of traditional gutters because the materials used to connect the segments together will deteriorate after years of exposure to rain and sun. That won’t happen with seamless gutters, which are stronger because the connection points are eliminated.

Of course, you’ll need to partner with a gutter installation company you can trust to outfit your home with a high-quality seamless gutter system. If you’re in the Jacksonville, Florida, area, you can feel confident turning to ArmorGuard Exteriors. We install premium seamless gutters and gutter guards that come with ultra-strong fasteners and fade-resistant coatings so you can count on receiving an attractive gutter system that will consistently channel rainwater away from your home for decades.

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