Retractable Window Awnings for Homes in Jacksonville, FL

Retractable Window Awnings Jacksonville FLIf you’re thinking of adding retractable window awnings to your home in the Jacksonville, Florida, area, the company to partner with is ArmorGuard Exteriors. You can count on our professional installers to outfit your home with beautiful custom-manufactured awnings from Sunesta, a long-trusted name in retractable shade. Like the other awnings from this manufacturer, our window awnings are available in a huge selection of colors and patterns so that you can customize your outdoor window shades to perfectly complement your home. They’re also crafted from top-quality, fade-resistant fabric and corrosion-resistant hardware so that they’ll stand up to the weather we experience in this coastal, subtropical region.

Benefits Beyond Beauty

Although enhanced curb appeal is a great reason to add retractable window awnings to your home, there are many other advantages to consider. These include:

Going Green

Stationary awnings can prevent up to 77% of solar heat gain through windows, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, which can translate into tremendous energy savings in the summertime. But what about the winter? In northeast Florida, we experience several weeks of chilly temperatures that can drive up your heating costs. With retractable window awnings, you can roll up your shades on wintry days to let the sun shine in and warm your indoor areas.

Storm Protection

The retractable window awnings we install are among the most wind-resistant shades you’ll find on the market. However, a valuable advantage of choosing retractable awnings instead of fixed awnings is the ability to roll them up whenever a storm approaches to protect them from damage.

Customized Control

When you turn to ArmorGuard Exteriors for your versatile retractable window awnings, you’ll also enjoy choices for manual or motorized control, including sophisticated remote-control options and the possibility of adding sun or wind sensors.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact ArmorGuard Exteriors today to learn more about our retractable window awnings and to schedule a free in-home consultation at your home in Jacksonville or one of the surrounding communities.