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4 Reasons to Consider Exterior Solar Shades

There are many home improvements that can help you make the most of your home. Window replacement, for instance, can add to its curb appeal and energy efficiency. Roof installation, on the other hand, keeps your interiors dry and damage-free.

Nonetheless, there are projects that aren’t as extensive but can still augment the bigger ones. One of these is exterior solar shade installation, which offers a number of advantages to your home. The only question is: when should you consider exterior solar shades?

ArmorGuard Exteriors, your premier home improvement company, discusses some of the reasons:

1. When excessive sun glare and heat enter your home. Most Florida homes today require an additional layer of protection from the sun’s rays. This is where retractable awnings and screens from ArmorGuard Exteriors come in. They can limit the amount of sunlight and heat inside your home through effective solar control options. The protective shade these offer can prevent sun damage to furniture, flooring, and walls. It also stabilizes the temperature of your rooms, leading to increased comfort. Additionally, it lets you enjoy reduced costs for cooling.

2. When you want more privacy. The expansive glass of picture windows may make you uncomfortable but you don’t want to invest in window treatments because they obstruct the view. Investing in ArmorGuard Exteriors’ retractable screens can deal with this issue. They can enhance your privacy with fabrics that partially obscure your view of the outdoors.

3. When you want to add to your home’s design. Installing solar shades also helps your home make a visual impact on visitors and passersby. Our retractable awnings and screens, for example, come in a wide range of lovely, durable fabrics, and patterns that you can match beautifully with your home’s décor and architecture.

4. When you want to enjoy your outdoor living space better. The abundant Florida sunshine allows for perfect bonding moments outside with your family. The times it produces too much heat and glare, however, can take the fun out of the activities. Installing solar screens from ArmorGuard Exteriors over your outdoor living spaces is the best solution. They can maximize the usable space in your patio or deck. They’ll also let you enjoy the bright outdoors without worrying about excessive heat.

When in need of quality exterior solar shades, turn to ArmorGuard Exteriors. Fill out our form today for a free estimate.

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Gutter Helmet did a great job. Auston Proctor came out and explained the product and what was best for our home.
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This company did an excellent job of installing our gutters I would reccomend this company to anyone that needs gutters
Bruce Sangster Sr.
Chris W did an excellent job of installing our new Gutter Helmet. Looking forward to a lifetime of clean gutters.
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Awning purchase and installation went well. Installers were timely, courteous and cleaned the job site upon completion.
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