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Retractable Screens: Creating Year-Round Outdoor Spaces

Surrounding your patio or porch with a retractable screen is a brilliant way to maximize its use. This allows you to enjoy your outdoor living area without worrying about the sun’s glaring heat and other elements. Regardless of the seasons, it is a highly functional addition that can allow you to spend more time on your patio.

Available in different sizes and configurations, retractable porch screens can easily fit into any opening. ArmorGuard Exteriors™ talks about how they can transform your porch into a comfortable living space all year round.

Maximum UV Protection

With summer comes intense heat and harmful UV rays that can damage your skin and even your furnishings. When you install retractable patio screens, you can enjoy better protection from the sun, without much obstruction of the view. At ArmorGuard Exteriors, we have solar screen options that can block up to 90% of UV light. They allow room brightness, while filtering the bleaching effect of the sun.

Enhanced Privacy

Privacy is important, especially if you will be lounging in your outdoor space for quite a while. You can choose a patio shade in a fabric that partially conceals the view from the exterior. This way, you can be more relaxed inside.

Reliable Insect Barrier

These options also create a reliable barrier between you and the insects outdoors. This makes your porch more inviting and comfortable. They can help you enjoy certain activities, like dining or reading, without worrying about bugs and pests.

Simple Operation

Our retractable screens are made for your utmost convenience. With a simple switch or a remote, you can easily control them. The stress-free operation adds to your comfort when relaxing on the porch. Additionally, they use stainless steel cabling and hardware that are extremely resistant to corrosion. This means that they can withstand all kinds of weather exposure.

Create a year-round outdoor oasis on your porch with retractable screens. They also come in different fabric options and configurations to suit your preference. Call us today at (904) 559-3230 and we’ll be glad to discuss their benefits for your home.

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