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Reasons Total Shade Control is Important for Your Patio

Florida’s warm, sunny climate gives you the everyday opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Having a patio right outside your home is a great venue for your daily indulgence. Nonetheless, there are times when the sun is simply too warm for comfort.

Although it might be inviting to stay outside, too much of the sun’s radiation can cause you great discomfort. ArmorGuard Exteriors™ understands that sun control and shading devices are essential, especially for your patio. Our expert installers discuss why total patio shade control is important for your home.

It Can Help You Save on Energy Costs and Other Expenditures

The sun’s heat may contribute to excess solar gain, which leads to increased cooling energy consumption. The most effective method to cool your home is to keep the heat from building up. Shading devices effectively block the sun’s rays even before it enters your windows.

Ours can absorb or reflect solar heat, effectively maintaining indoor temperatures. This means a lower workload for your central air conditioning unit. We use durable and corrosion-resistant materials that can withstand the sun and weather change for years.

They can also protect your furniture and house paint from damage. This means less worry about furniture replacement or repair and paint touchups.

It Lets You Enjoy Your Outdoor Views

With shade control right over your patio, you can have additional space for entertaining your guests or for your own leisure. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy your yard while being protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Our well-engineered solar screens effectively diffuse sunlight that comes into your home. This can significantly reduce heat buildup and provide ample natural light. For example, our 5-Percent Openness Solar Screen can block 95% of UV rays while allowing sufficient light entry.

It Provides You the Privacy and Comfort You Deserve

With just a push of a button, our retractable porch screens can secure your privacy while you observe the outside scenery. Rest assured that you can enjoy your morning coffee in the comfort of your home without any intrusions.

Our solar shades and screens help tame the harsh Florida sun by controlling glare and improving your visual comfort. They also come in various fabric colors and patterns to boost your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Having total shade control can ensure your peace of mind. If you have any further questions on shade control for your patio, call us at (904) 559-3230. You may also complete our contact form for a FREE estimate.

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