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Protect Your Home: Everything You Need to Know About Hurricane Shutters — And The Alternatives

Every year, Florida homeowners brace themselves for hurricane season, knowing that their homes could be in the direct path of a major storm — and one of the best ways to protect your home from hurricane winds and debris is by installing hurricane shutters.

If you’re a Florida homeowner who is considering investing in these shutters, you may be wondering what they are, how they work, and what types of hurricane shutters are available.

What are Hurricane Shutters?

In the words of NOAA’s Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory, “Shutters are a first line of defense against the hurricane.”

In other words, hurricane shutters are a type of protective covering that can be installed on windows and doors to protect them from damage during a hurricane. These shutters are made from materials such as aluminum, steel, or polycarbonate, and are designed to withstand…

  • High winds
  • Flying debris
  • Hurricane-force rain
  • And more

Simply put, the purpose of the shutters are to create a strong barrier between your home’s windows and the outside world, preventing wind and debris from smashing into your windows and damaging your home’s interior.

How Do Hurricane Shutters Work?

Hurricane shutters work by creating a protective barrier that can keep debris from breaking windows and winds from entering a home. They are secured to the exterior of your home and can be installed permanently or temporarily depending on your preference.

Permanent shutters are affixed to your home, while temporary shutters can be put up and taken down as needed. Additionally, some hurricane shutters can be operated manually, while others can be controlled electronically.

There are several types of hurricane shutters available, including:

  • Aluminum shutters — These shutters are made of corrugated aluminum and are installed permanently on your home’s exterior. They are sturdy and easy to maintain.
  • Roll-down shutters — These shutters are made of horizontal slats that roll down from a housing box above your window or door. They can be operated manually, by remote control, or even automatically when a sensor detects strong winds.
  • Accordion shutters — These shutters are installed permanently on a track beside the window or door and are made of interlocking aluminum panels that fold together like an accordion.
  • Plywood shutters — These are temporary shutters made of plywood that can be installed when a hurricane is approaching. They are not as sturdy as other types of shutters but can still provide some protection.

Do You Have Other Reliable Options?

That all being said, hurricane shutters are not your only — or best — available option. For example, you can fortify your home with impact-resistant windows.

Other reliable options include:

Unlike traditional hurricane shutters, these innovative products provide a much higher degree of resilience. The materials used in the fabrication of these products are engineered to withstand the powerful forces of a hurricane, effectively diffusing the energy of flying debris and strong winds.

Furthermore, they offer superior visibility compared to conventional shutters, allowing natural light to enter while keeping the destructive elements out.

Finally, these solutions are not only more effective but also more aesthetically pleasing, as they seamlessly blend with the exterior of your Florida home, enabling you to be prepared without compromising on style.

So, why wait?

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