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Porch Additions That Add Value to Your Home

Spending money on outdoor improvements like porch screens or a patio shade can help improve your home’s curb appeal. It’s not enough to throw in a couple of chairs and maybe a table on your porch. You need to consider comfort, first and foremost, especially under strong exposure to sunlight. You also need to ensure that any additions you make are in line with your home’s overall look. Here are some things you can add to your outdoor space that can help increase enjoyment and keep your home in style too.

Outdoor Shades

Particularly if you intend to entertain much at home, installing outdoor shades can turn an otherwise hot and uncomfortable space into an enjoyable one. Ideally, you will want enough shade to cover all the seating you intend to set up. It would be awkward to have only half of your guests comfortably seated while the other half bakes under the sun.

Porch Screens

You can improve on existing porches by installing retractable porch screens. Because they are retractable, you have complete control over how much light you want to be exposed to. Screens are great too at keeping insects out.

Retractable Awnings

Choose products like Sunesta retractable awnings that come in various fabric colors that will definitely go well with your home’s design. Just as with the porch screens, you can adjust how much sunlight you want to block out.

If you are considering adding awnings or retractable patio screens to your home, let our team at Armor Guard Exteriors help you out. Our expertise is backed by our experience of over three decades in both designing and installing porch additions that will certainly add to your home’s value. Call us at (904) 872-1712 or fill out our form to schedule an appointment with us and learn more about what our team can offer you.

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