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Inspiring Ideas for Adding Shade to Your Outdoor Space

Some days are either too hot or too rainy for people to enjoy their outdoor spaces. However, there are plenty of ways to keep the weather from ruining a fine day on your patio or porch. Here are deck awnings and other clever design ideas that can add shade to your outdoor space.

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Deck Awnings

With the right choice of deck awnings, you’ll no longer have to worry about getting wet while you’re on your patio during a rainy day. Deck awnings also double as a protection from the sun, block harsh UV rays and even protect outdoor furniture from getting damaged by constant exposure to sunlight.

Deck Canopy

If your deck’s main area is too big or placed a bit too far from your home’s main structure, you won’t be able to properly fit deck awnings. However, a deck canopy can serve the same purpose. Unlike awnings that are mounted at the side of the home, deck canopies are usually free-standing. Although you can have a deck canopy up all year, you can always fold and put it away to prevent it from being damaged by an incoming storm.

Add Some Greens

Sometimes, you can let Mother Nature provide shade for your outdoor space. Having fast-growing vines crawling over a pergola will give you ample shade while also adding that natural look that’s popular among both modern and classic home designs. As a bonus, the plants can give a natural cooling effect because they can shed a bit of water during a process called transpiration.

Purposeful Parasols

Attaching a deck awning or patio may make it look like there’s too much happening in your deck area. If you want something with a more minimalistic approach, you can install parasols or a big umbrella to provide just enough shade for the table and seating area. Parasols and umbrellas are easy to set up and not too heavy on the pockets, so they’re great if you need shade and you’re on a limited budget.

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