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Ideas for Beautifully Decorated Awnings

Installing awnings in different parts of your home will allow you to protect them from the elements. For instance, having awnings in your patio will let you enjoy the outdoors while having adequate protection from the sun’s heat. You can also keep your driveway dry and protected from rainwater.

Awnings can do more than just keep the sun’s UV rays from damaging your furniture and drapes. You can also use them to enhance your home’s aesthetic value. ArmorGuard Exteriors provides these unique ideas in dressing up your deck awnings for added curb appeal:

Running In the 60s and 70s

A great way to bring back the classic design in your home is by installing our striped sunshade retractable awning in your available outdoor space. While the design evokes the beach-shack look of the 60s and 70s, its mechanism gives it a modern feel. This also adds real impact to the roof deck.

Softening Bricks with Sheep’s Run

The fabric of our deck canopy can soften your home’s brick and metal surfaces, creating a gentle and beautiful landscape. You can complement this with flagstone or granite table to match the theme. You can also choose from a wide selection of fabric colors and patterns for design flexibility.

Covering the Rear

Installing our awnings on the south-facing windows will let you make up for insufficient roof overhead. They will also provide you with additional decor in your home’s rear. In addition, our awnings come with a strong fabric roller tube that can bend even when strained, letting it return to its original shape. This feature will allow you to control the amount of sunlight that enters from your south-facing windows.

Our retractable awnings feature solar control options to help you protect your investment, while letting you enjoy more of the outdoors. Their easy extension and retraction function allows you to filter the amount of daylight that shines on your furniture. This will help prolong the life span of your prized possessions. Aside from a range of finishes, they also come with durable, powder-coated white finish, which protects it from the elements. Lastly, they come with strong warranties for your peace of mind.

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