Choose the Hurricane Window Protection That’s Best for Your Home in Jacksonville, FL, with This Array of Exceptional Products from ArmorGuard Exteriors

When a hurricane or tropical storm is bearing down on northeast Florida, one of the many decisions that Jacksonville homeowners face is how to protect their homes from the powerful winds that can rip through a broken window and cause devastating damage related to differences in pressure inside and outside of a structure. In the past, homeowners had few choices for hurricane window protection, and many have taken the chance that violent storms would pass them by rather than cover their windows with bulky plywood. Moreover, plywood can be difficult or even impossible to securely affix to a porch or covered patio.

Hurricane Protection Jacksonville

Fortunately, homeowners like you in the Jacksonville area can enjoy more options for hurricane window protection when they turn to ArmorGuard Exteriors. We’ve carefully selected top-caliber products that are made to protect your home from winds as strong as those of a Category 5 hurricane. And, no matter which you choose, it will be custom-manufactured to fit the dimensions of your window or patio and backed by an impressive 10-year warranty. Here’s a brief description of the storm protection options available from our company:

  • Retractable hurricane screens – These motorized retractable screens are ideal for protecting covered porches and patios from windblown debris. They offer the ultimate level of convenience because they remain in place year round and can be raised and lowered at the touch of a button. They’re professionally installed by the highly trained technicians at ArmorGuard Exteriors.
  • Removable hurricane screens – When you select this type of hurricane window protection for your home, you’ll enjoy lightweight fabric panels made from tough polypropylene material that’s easy to put in place when a storm is approaching and take down when the threat has passed. Unlike plywood or metal panels, these screens are translucent, thus allowing daylight to enter the home. These screens also fold up for easy storage. The professionals at ArmorGuard Exteriors will install the flush-mount fasteners needed to hold the screens in place so that they’re inconspicuous and ready for use at a moment’s notice.
  • Removable hurricane panels – These protective panels are available in your choice of steel, aluminum, or an acrylic material that’s tough but translucent, which means you won’t have to sit in a darkened home before and during the storm when you choose acrylic panel protection. The hardware mounts for our hurricane panels will be professionally installed by ArmorGuard Exteriors.

One of our friendly, knowledgeable associates will be happy to discuss your needs and preferences and help you choose the hurricane window or patio protection that’s right for you. Contact ArmorGuard Exteriors today to schedule a free in-home consultation at your home anywhere in the Jacksonville area.