Tough, Retractable Hurricane Screens Can Offer Valuable Year-Round Protection for Your Home in Jacksonville, FL

If you’re looking for retractable hurricane screens that can shield your home in the Jacksonville area from high winds and stormy weather, then ArmorGuard Exteriors has the ideal solution for you:  roll down hurricane screens.

The fabric used in these innovative hurricane screens is made from the same materials that go into ballistic body armor. This means they’re able to safeguard your home from the flying debris that can occur during a hurricane.

When you choose ArmorGuard Exteriors to supply your home with this valuable storm protection, you’ll receive:

  • Motorized retractable screens that are state-certified for use in high-velocity hurricane zones
  • Shades that are made to order to fit the precise dimensions of your patio, porch, or window, so that you can enjoy the highest levels of protection and curb appeal
  • An expert installation from highly trained technicians, so that you’ll have confidence that your storm screens will perform as advertised

Plus, if you prefer, you can enjoy the same level of gale protection with our removable fabric hurricane screens that can easily be put up when a storm is approaching and then taken down and stored away when the threat passes.

To learn more about these remarkable hurricane screens, contact ArmorGuard Exteriors today. We proudly serve homeowners in Jacksonville and surrounding communities.