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Get Lightweight Fabric Hurricane Shutters with the Strength of Ballistic Body Armor for Your Home in the Jacksonville, FL, Area

Fabric Hurricane Shutters Jacksonville FLThe Jacksonville area is no stranger to violent weather. In fact, hurricanes and tropical storms often threaten the Atlantic coast of Florida several times a year, leaving homeowners to decide whether to spend hours boarding up their windows or take the chance that the storm will pass them by. But there’s an option that will make it easier to err on the side of caution and protect your home whenever there’s a risk of high winds and heavy rain: lightweight fabric hurricane shutters.

These innovative hurricane screens, available in the Jacksonville area from ArmorGuard Exteriors, feature all the strength of the fabric used in ballistic body armor. But the light weight of these fabric hurricane shutters makes them easier to put up and take down than either plywood or metal hurricane panels.

Advantages of Safeguarding Your Home with Fabric Hurricane Shutters

Ease of installation is one of the top reasons to choose roll-down fabric hurricane panels from ArmorGuard Exteriors for your home. Here are some other features that make these screens an attractive option:

Exceptional Strength

Our fabric hurricane shutters can protect your home against winds as powerful as those of a Category 4 hurricane.

Easy to Store

Our hurricane screens are easy to fold up and put away in a box or plastic bin when they’re not needed, and they won’t take up as much valuable space in your garage or shed as plywood will.

Translucent Fabric

Although tough, the fabric in our hurricane screens will allow daylight to enter your home, which means you won’t have to rely totally on flashlights if the power goes out during a storm.


Our fabric hurricane protection products will be custom sized to cover the windows of your home, and fabric panels are often the optimal choice to cover large expanses of glass that would be hard to fit with other types of storm protection.

Excellent Warranty Protection

Our fabric hurricane screens and panels are backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

What’s more, when you opt for fabric hurricane panels from ArmorGuard Exteriors, we’ll expertly install the mounting hardware in inconspicuous locations around your windows, where it will remain in place year-round, ready for use when you need it.

Other Hurricane Shutter Options from ArmorGuard

In addition to hurricane fabric covers, ArmorGuard Exteriors offers a full lineup of products that also meet standards for hurricane protection in the Jacksonville area. Here are a few of the storm shutter options you’ll have to choose from, with both pros and cons for each:

Colonial Hurricane Shutters

These two-piece louvered shutters are an attractive addition to windows and are permanently attached to the wall beside each window. They serve a decorative purpose aside from protecting your windows from damage, though they can’t protect doors.

Bahama Hurricane Shutters

These one-piece louvered shutters are attached directly and permanently above the windows. Prop them open and voila, you have instant shade for your window. While some homeowners enjoy this, others note that they block too much light and can’t protect doors.

Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters

For those on a budget, storm panel hurricane shutters are more affordable than other shutter systems. They are attached to the walls around windows and doors on bolts or tracks and can be removed and stored when not in use. However, they can sometimes be difficult to handle and have sharp edges.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Named because they unfold like an accordion to cover and protect windows during a storm, accordion hurricane shutters are housed beside the doors and windows when not in use and some can be locked for added security. One drawback is that accordion hurricane shutters can look bulky and out of place in some home styles, which can decrease a home’s curb appeal.

More Ways to Prepare for Hurricanes

Installing the right storm shutter system is one way to proactively protect your home from high-level winds and storms. At ArmorGuard Exteriors, we recommend even more ways homeowners in Jacksonville can prepare for the worst.

  • Keep Property Surroundings Clear — Within 36 hours of a hurricane arriving, start putting away any furniture or décor within your property’s perimeter. Check for loose tree limbs and call your utility companies if you notice anything obstructing phone or power lines. Doing this will minimize the possibility of your own belongings flying into your home and damaging it during particularly strong winds.
  • Install Hurricane Screens — To protect your home from all types of debris, have removable or retractable hurricane screens These units will work like an armor for your home, especially for the more vulnerable components like your windows and doors. Products like ArmorGuard™ screens that can take 200 mph winds are the best options.
  • Have Emergency Power and Communication Tools Handy — Stay up-to-the-minute with the ongoing weather situation by having a battery-operated radio or TV on hand. Invest in a generator in case you lose power in your area. Charge all mobile phones and computers to full capacity too. And keep a list of emergency contacts within easy reach.

ArmorGuard Is Jacksonville’s Trusted Partner for Storm Protection

As a local, family-owned home improvement company, ArmorGuard Exteriors is well aware of Jacksonville homeowners’ critical need for products that can prevent damage not only from hurricanes but also powerful windstorms that can whirl into the community suddenly from the Atlantic Ocean. We take pride in offering hurricane window protection options that can be deployed quickly on short notice. But we also expertly install outstanding storm protection upgrades that remain in place year-round, ready to protect your home at the touch of a button.

In addition to our roll-down fabric hurricane shutters, for example, we offer professional installations of motorized retractable hurricane screens for porches and patios. These screens are made with the same type of ultra-strong fabric as our shutters, but they offer year-round shade on demand and protection from inclement weather when needed.

We also install some of the top-performing impact-resistant replacement windows on the market. These remarkable windows are custom manufactured, built with corrosion-resistant parts, and available with numerous aesthetic options, so you’ll receive long-lasting curb appeal along with reliable storm protection for your home. They meet certification standards for impact resistance even in the most severe hurricane-force winds, and they’ll also present a formidable challenge to any would-be burglar, thus providing you with a double dose of peace of mind. Moreover, they’re crafted with advanced features to ensure optimal energy efficiency, which can help keep cooling costs in check.


Not sure which of these terrific upgrades is right for you? Don’t worry. We’ll be happy to go over the pros and cons of our fabric hurricane window protection and our other storm protection options and help you make the ideal choice for your home in the Jacksonville area. Contact ArmorGuard Exteriors today to get started.

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ArmorGuard Exteriors is rated 4.8 out of 5.0 based on 380 reviews.

Just had Armor Guard Hurricane Shutters installed on my home. Robert, the installer, was professional and did a wonderful job. Easy and quick to install and remove.
Judy De Santis
Very impressed by the experience we received with this company. The finished product looks great and met all our expectations.
Julie B.
We hired Gutter Helmet to install hurricane fabric at our home. When calling to schedule our initial consultation the lady on the phone was very pleasant and friendly. Our sales rep, Michael Scantling, showed up on time and was very informative. The install crew was very efficient, professional and kept the job site clean. This is one purchase I’m glad we made but hopefully we will never have to use, Nice to have their extra protection should a storm ever come our way. Highly recommend Gutter Helmet!!
Angie Poor
The sales rep was very professional for our Hurricane Screens. The crew worked very hard and addressed several challenges in the installation process. We were very pleased. We have left the screens up as we are in the heart of hurricane season. The screens allow a lot of light in making this all possible.
Steve Rohan
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