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How Retractable Screens Can Work Wonders for Your Home

Screens can benefit your home in a number of ways. The type you choose, however, whether retractable or fixed, will dictate how much advantage you can reap from those benefits. In this article, we will be citing a few points on how using retractable screens will allow you to enjoy your home even more than you do now. Here is what our experts at ArmorGuard Exteriors have to say:

Aesthetic Appeal

A common issue with having fixed screens installed is the permanent change they impose on your chosen design aesthetic. Choosing retractable screens, instead, gives you more control over your home’s appearance throughout every season. You can make changes, even on a whim, on how much of a screen you want to use or retract it completely if it serves you better.


Solar screens can also act as space dividers. Our Sunesta® screens at ArmorGuard Exteriors can be used to section a portion of your deck off, for example, and create a smaller, private space. When entertaining outdoors, you can then just retract your screen and open up your entire deck or patio to make room for more people.

Reduced Energy Requirements

While permanent screens can help shield your home from excessive heat during the summer months, they can prevent you from utilizing natural light throughout the rest of the year. Going retractable allows you to determine how much sunlight you want to let in every single day. You can deploy your screens to keep cool on really hot days and retract them whenever it’s not so bright outside.

If you need further guidance about exterior solar shades, screens and other similar products, reach out to our team at ArmorGuard Exteriors. Our factory-certified staff can give you expert advice on what types of products can work best for your home and explain more about why going retractable is best, as well. Our number is (904) 872-1712 . We look forward to hearing from you.

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