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How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Gutters if You Have Gutter Guards?

The whole point of having gutter guards installed on your gutter system is to eliminate the need to clean your gutters at all. Without a reliable gutter protection system, leaves and twigs can hitch a ride on a local breeze and settle in your gutters. Then, over the course of time, the skies will just add water and—poof!—you have a clog that can impede the safe channeling of rainwater off the roof into your downspouts. This is likely to cause water to pool inside your gutters, where it can lead to mold growth and wood rot around your roof’s edge. This is the primary reason that most homeowners with unprotected gutters make the dangerous climb up a ladder two or more times a year to scoop soggy accumulations out of their gutters.

If you invest in gutter guards that have a proven track record for keeping debris out of gutter systems—even tiny debris like pine needles—then you shouldn’t have to clean your gutters ever again. If you live in an area with heavy tree cover, and you notice leaves and seed pods resting on your gutter guards during dry spells, you may wish to brush the debris away with a broom. But it shouldn’t infiltrate your gutters.

Getting Gutter Guards You Can Count On to Do the Job

If you’re in the Jacksonville, Florida, area, you can turn to ArmorGuard Exteriors to install a reliable Gutter Helmet gutter protection system over your existing gutters if they’re in good condition. Our gutter covers have been keeping debris out of gutters throughout North America for more than 40 years, so you can feel confident that they will eliminate the need for gutter cleaning at your home. What’s more, Gutter Helmet systems are backed by a “triple lifetime warranty,” which covers performance and materials and is transferable to the next homeowner should you decide to sell your home.

If your home doesn’t have gutters or you need new ones, you can also count on us to install a premium seamless gutter system, so you can have the ultimate peace of mind that your Jacksonville-area home is protected from the hazards of uncontrolled rainwater runoff.

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