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How ArmorGuard Exteriors Keeps Your Energy Costs Down

At ArmorGuard Exteriors, you decide when you want to admit sunlight into your home using our products. Our retractable deck awnings, screens and solar shades are comfortable and energy-efficient additions. They are so energy-efficient in fact, that over time they can save you as much as you’ve paid for them. Find out how we can make it possible by discussing our products’ features.

Retractable Awnings and Screens

With intense heat during the summer, your interior often becomes scorching and inhospitable, especially when under direct sunlight. However, with our retractable awnings and screens, we help you choose when you want the sun indoors or not. This cuts down on your energy consumption by relying less on your air conditioning unit.

Using top-grade insulative and durable materials, the fabrics used in our awnings and screens are tightly woven to prevent heat from overwhelming your dwelling, keeping it cool and comfortable. They also act as your patio’s shield against pests during the summer. Choose from our colored fabrics, to match your awnings and screens with your home’s aesthetics.

Solar Shade Protection

Protect your deck against intense sunlight by installing our deck canopy products. Our roller shades prevent excessive sunlight, wind and even pests from entering your deck or patio.

Each solar shade we offer is custom-fit to your liking. We can provide multiple features like an auto-stop manual gear to prevent overextending the fabric or a durable front bar to enhance stability. We can also hide the mechanical parts of these hardware to increase the visual appeal of your home.

We provide additional services like retractable awnings and hurricane shutter installation. Call us at (904) 872-1712 .

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