Gutter Leaf Guard Systems for Residents of Arlington, Mandarin, Jacksonville Beach & Other Nearby FL Communities

Gutter Leaf GuardWithout a gutter leaf guard like Gutter Helmet on your home in Arlington, Mandarin, Jacksonville Beach, or other nearby community, your gutters will always remain vulnerable to becoming clogged by debris. Leaves, pine needles, sticks, Spanish moss – these and various other types of organic matter will be able to find their way inside your gutters, cause a clog, and prevent them from working properly. While cleaning your gutters periodically is, of course, always an option, doing so is a dangerous, labor-intensive chore that too often ends up in a trip to the hospital.

The solution is to install the Gutter Helmet gutter leaf guard system, the brainchild of MIT graduate Bob Demartini who, in the 1960s, conceived of a product capable of eliminating the hazardous job of gutter cleaning. Gutter Helmet works as follows:

  • Debris is kept out of the gutter channel by a specially designed cover that nevertheless lets rainwater fall in. It is non-mesh cover that slopes gently downward to match the pitch of the roof.
  • Although small at just three-eighths of an inch, the gap between the cover and the gutter that lets rainwater fall in is big enough to handle as much as 22 inches of rain per hour (twice the amount ever previously recorded in the U.S.). No matter how much it rains, Gutter Helmet can handle it.
  • The entire unit is firmly attached to the roof with a heavy-duty mounting bracket, and finished with a specially formulated protective paint coating for long-lasting beauty.

For more information about how this state-of-the-art gutter leaf guard works, contact Gutter Helmet of North Florida. We are an authorized Gutter Helmet dealer serving Arlington, Mandarin, Jacksonville Beach, and other communities throughout northeast FL.