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Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Screens

Solar screens are a revolutionary product. If you have insulating frames and glass, why not go further with a UV-resistant screen? These are specially made to withstand weathering, heat and energy transfer. It’s a cost-effective solution, although not everybody might fully understand it. Here are the most common questions about these screens.

Q: What Do They Do?
A: Generally, solar screens block out the heat of the sun.

While many products promise to reduce sunlight and heat transfer, our screens actually deliver on that. We offer those that can allow only 1%, 5%, or 10% of UV light to filter through. You can still enjoy a full view outside, just through a darker tint. Even better, you’ll enjoy it without feeling hot. If you want, you can even control how much wind movement affects it.

Q: Do They Pay for Themselves?
A: Yes, and they’re durable, too.

Our exterior solar shades are cost-efficient to use. You can reduce the temperature in your home by several degrees, which is a significant change. This means you won’t need to rely on your AC unit as much and you’ll be able to pay back those screens in no time! Additionally, you receive a highly durable material.

Q: Can they handle weathering?
A: Yes, and they are durable enough to stay intact for many years.

Our retractable screens are tough enough to withstand outdoor conditions, unlike regular shades. This means you can leave them out during the rainy or windy days without worrying about their durability. If you want, they can easily be put away to keep them safe from incoming storms or stronger winds. All of our screens can be opened and retracted via remote control, giving you the option to choose between shade and sun at the touch of a button.

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