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Designing Your Patio or Deck Canopy: 3 Tips to Remember

Shading decks and patios is a major concern, especially in states like Georgia and Florida where warm climate reigns. To avoid bathing in the intense heat, while taking pleasure of your views, you must be thoughtful with your canopy’s design.

As the ultimate source of patio and deck awnings in southeast Georgia and northeast Florida, ArmorGuard Exteriors wants to help you make sound design decisions when it comes to choosing your exterior shades. Here are the key things to remember:

Think of Adaptability

Your chosen retractable awning should have the features to suit different spaces and situations. Compared to other products, a SunShade retractable awning has intelligent components to shade your patio or deck, no matter how narrow its space is, as long as the sun is up.

It has arms that fold over one another when retracted and shade tight areas with large projections. Its adjustable-tilt shoulder lets you change your canopy’s slope from 0° to 40° using just a hand crank, allowing you to block any glaring sunshine low on the horizon.

Don’t Forget Corrosion

Your awning is only as good as its working components. When they succumb to corrosion, their performance suffers too.

This is why your patio or deck awnings must have parts resistant to harsh elements. At ArmorGuard Exteriors, our retractable canopies are able to last uncompromisingly for years because of their corrosion-resistant, stainless steel frame bolts and nuts.

In addition, the PVC arm-cable covers help keep sand and salt out, delaying deterioration and extending the life span of our awnings for many years.

Put a Premium on Flexibility

In terms of control, your usual choices are manual and motorized. Whether you want your awnings to operate through a switch or a remote is entirely up to you.

Fortunately, ArmorGuard Exteriors helps keep you from choosing just one of the two. We let you enjoy the best of both worlds, combining traditional and modern gear to keep your awning operational during power outages.

Let our team help you choose the perfect shade for your deck or patio. Call us now at (904) 559-3230, and let’s talk about your project.

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