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Cool Projects to Fight Off the Summer Heat

It’s summer and the heat is probably starting to affect your home. You can be more comfortable by upgrading your home, but with so many suggestions on the internet, which one really does work?

Insulate Your Home

Having proper insulation helps keep your home’s temperature down during summer. Roof vents and insulative vinyl siding help reduce heat inside your interior, keeping it cool and comfortable throughout the day. Another benefit of having proper insulation is lower utility bills and stabilized energy consumption.

Installing Shade Screens

Enjoy a cool, productive day on your patio by installing our retractable patio screens. You can easily control our screens depending on how much shade you need. Our patio screens also prevent bugs from entering your patio and can be customized to fit your dwelling.

Have an Attractive Awning

Install Sunesta® retractable awnings by ArmorGuard Exteriors if you want a more stylish shade this summer. Have the option of expanding your living room space during the day without suffering from the effects of the strong Florida sun. We can help you find and install the best awning shades for your home.

Preparing Hurricane Screens

What’s worse than a scorching summer day in Florida? A storm right after it. Our hurricane screens are built to prevent these ill effects from being felt inside your property.

ArmorGuard Exteriors offers the best in retractable porch screens and awnings. These can be an excellent addition during the hottest of summer days. Call us at (904) 872-1712 for a free estimate.

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