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Are There Different Types of Gutters?

Gutters are essential to a home’s exterior, channeling rainwater away from the foundation and preventing water damage. There are several types of gutters available, each with its unique features and benefits:

K-Style Gutters are a very common type of gutter found on many modern homes. They have a decorative front that resembles crown molding and are known for their high capacity and ease of installation. They’re typically made from aluminum but can also be found in vinyl, copper, and steel.

Half-Round Gutters are shaped like a tube cut in half and offer a traditional look that is often found in older, historic homes. They are particularly effective in areas with heavy rainfall. Like K-style, they come in various materials such as aluminum, copper, and steel.

Box Gutters are typically found on older or commercial buildings. They are larger than other types and are built into the bottom of the roof or the roof overhang. They’re less visible than other types and can handle a large volume of water.

Seamless Gutters are made on-site to fit the exact dimensions of a home, which means gutters have fewer joints, thus reducing the chances of leaks. They can be made in various styles, including K-style and half-round, and are usually made of aluminum.

Each type of gutter has its own set of pros and cons, and the best choice depends on factors like local climate, the style of the home, and budget considerations. Our seamless gutters are made specifically to fit your home, meaning less maintenance and more durability over the long term.

When you choose ArmorGuard to be your seamless gutter replacement professionals, you get years of experience and a quality product that provides protection to your foundation and curb appeal to your home’s exterior. For more information or to set up your free estimate, call us at 904-712-2717.