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4 Reasons to Invest in Shades for Your Outdoor Space

While the winter means being cooped up in the warmth and comfort of the indoors, summer typically leads to lounging outside with fresh air. If you find the heat and humidity a bit stifling, investing in shades can be a rewarding decision.

Among other al fresco decorative elements, exterior solar shades are the most ideal in creating a personal oasis in your outdoor living area. ArmorGuard Exteriors™ lists these four reasons that prove adding shade is a worthwhile investment:

  1. Blocks UV rays
    It is no secret that prolonged sun exposure can harm not only your skin, but also your outdoor furniture. Mounting a shaded structure can block almost all of the sun’s harmful UV rays without obstructing the view. For an exact control of glare and heat, try our remote-controlled retractable screens. They are economical and convenient. Ultimately, they allow you to enjoy your time outside without suffering from the sun’s intense heat.
  2. Cools the Ground
    A shaded exterior helps cool the ground beneath it. It allows you to revel in a refreshing time outside, while saving on cooling costs. This is also highly recommended for households with small children, so they can play outside without enduring the hot floor.
  3. Provides Weather Protection
    Being exposed in a number of weather elements, your patio needs added protection. Rains and storms can come with little to no warning, especially during the months of summer. In these situations, our solar screens can still let you lounge outside, while keeping you safe and dry.
  4. Enhances the Landscape
    You can also add a visual interest to your landscape. Our solar screens come in different fabric options and configurations to match the theme of your outdoor space. Aside from their functionality, they also offer a pop of color that can easily make them the focal point of the setting.

Enhance the look of your patio and improve your comfort levels outside. Call us today at (904) 559-3230 and we’ll be glad to discuss which type of shading is best for you.

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