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4 Patio Shade Designs to Try for Your Home

As many Florida homeowners know, installing a patio shade is a necessity if you want to utilize your patio, deck, or pergola effectively. The ability to shield yourself from the harsh sunlight makes your exterior living space a more enjoyable area.

The experts at ArmorGuard Exteriors list four patio shade designs you can try this year.

  1. Retractable Patio Screens
    Seamless protection from the sun is a great thing to have, which is exactly what retractable patio screens offer. These can either be a manual variant operated by a switch or a more automatic version that you can remotely control. The benefits of patio screens is that most conceal their mechanical parts so you only see the fabric.
  2. Free-Standing Canopy
    Due to the way they stand free from the rest of the house, Pergolas can’t be fitted with an awning since there’s no exterior wall to fasten it to. Your free-standing canopy should have protection. This type is actually easier to install since you simply mount it on a pergola’s frame.
  3. Pull-Down Shades
    Pull-down shades are a popular choice for porches as a quick and easy solution to address a profusion of sunlight. Our retractable porch screens come in both manual and automatic variants. We can even customize a system that incorporates both manual and automatic operation.
  4. Yellow Shades
    Yellow shades for awnings are becoming a popular design choice because they radically brighten up your exterior space. The color itself is a nice complement to the general outdoor colors, such as green, browns and whites.

At ArmorGuard Exteriors, we’ll help you pick the best patio shade design that rounds up the design philosophy of your home. Call us today at (904) 872-1712 to learn more about our services.

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